WTB: Nes games, accessories

Hey anyone got NES stuff lying around that’s willing to let it go at reasonable prices?
I’m down for lightguns, games, even a nes advantage or the turbo pad or something…

I have(meaning I don’t need):
2 Controllers
Power Pad
A/v Cords
Guerrilla War
Super Mario Bros.
Super C
Wizards and Warriors
Rush’N Attack
Ninja Gaiden
Megaman 2
Clash at Demonhead
World Class Track Meet

I’m open to whatever you got.

Edit - a few were sold

This is from my thread, i listed the games for a less than they go for on ebay but i dont know if ebay is accurate, takings offers


i am selling all my original NES games, all games are in good condition for an average NES cart unless otherwise noted. all were tested on some girls nintendo, her system was old and kinda beat up so if it worked on there, it could work on yours. game are being sold as is and since i cant see your nintendo for myself or see you try to work it, i make no gaurantees, because some people really are just plain fuckin stupid.

im not cleaning any of the games myself (not saying they are dirty, but they are nintendo games from the 80’s early 90’s, dust exists) so even the ones that might not have worked for use, could use a good clean up and they might work fine.

10 Yard Fight - $3
1942 - $6
Bad News Baseball - $7
Baseball - $3
Baseball Stars - $6
Battletoads - $8 - SOLD!
Breakthru - $3
Castlevania - $12
Contra - $18 - SOLD!
Crash N’ The Boys: Street Challenge - $17 (sticker pealing at top but isnt damaged)
Donkey Kong Classics - $8
Dragon Warrior - $4 - SOLD!
G.I. Joe Taxan - $3 (this one didnt boot on the system, could be broken)
Gradius - $5
Joe & Mac - $4
Karnov - $4
Life Force - $5
Pro Wrestling - $4
Mega Man 2 - $12
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out - $15
Ninja Gaiden - $7 (sticker is kinda messed up, nothing serious)
Qbert - $7
R.C. Pro-am - $4
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball - $3
Spy Hunter - $4
Super Contra - $10 - SOLD!
Super Mario Brothers 3 - $8
Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt - $4
TMNT - $5 (2 copies)
TMNT - The Arcade Game - $5 - SOLD!
Ultima Exodus - $4 (doesnt save, need new battery, but works)

add .50 and i will send you a black nintendo sleeve with your game

more than 5 games in one order shipping is on me