WTB: New LS-32-01, no balltop/wiring harnes required


As clearly as the topic says, I’m looking to buy a LS-32-01 stick. If everything is included I’ll pay $25+shipping.

If you don’t wish to include a balltop or a wiring harness please deduct from the cost accordingly (-$8-10 sounds about right).

Just post here or drop me a PM.


I may also be interested in other sticks (no sanwa please) if you have anything other types feel free to drop me a PM.


Nobody? :lol:


I was looking for one as well and the stores that were open didn’t stock them. This guy is supposedly getting some next week.

eBay has a few, but they’re all overpriced, in foreign countries, and not of the 01 variety.


Thanks for the link Me (My name is Kyle).

Let’s see if anyone else might be able to step up before then


I’ll check tonight when I get home from school, I think I have 2 LS-32’s I might be mistaken


Any news Truck?


I was mistaken, I’ve got a pair of 56’s not 32’s, sorry koop :sad:


You have a LS-56? doesn’t that have a octo gate as stock? What is your asking price shipped?