WTB : New or Mint JLF pulled from a TE

I’ve done enough custom sticks and played on TE’s enough to know that the JLF’s that are in TE’s are definitely looser then normal ones and I like it. I don’t know the exact setting of the spring, so I’m going this route. I need a JLF pulled from a TE. If it’s not pulled from a TE, I will know! Anyone got one at a decent price?

I got one, PM’ed

you inbox is full

Space freed up. PM away.

i’ve got two if you still need it.

i have 2 also

PM sent to Jag

Vegeta - replied. But I know Jag personally, so if we come to an agreement, I will go with him.

I got one from krayzied, but I need one more.

PM sent to Jag for remainder JLF. =]

Still needed? I got a new JLF pulled from my round 2 stick.

I have one as well. Hit me up of you still need one. Pulled from a round 1.

I think I’m having what I need sent to me. If something happens, I’ll let you guys know. Thanks for all your help.

Looks like I need one more of these. I would like to have it pulled from a Round 1 only because I have never played on a Round 2 before and I’m not sure if the spring settings are the same or not. Please hit me up if you have one of these for sale at a decent price.


PM sent.

I would also like a round 1 TE for a decent price if available.

And the search continues!!! I might be willing to take a JLF from round 2s at this point.

No one wants my money?

I wonder why the TE JLF’s have a looser spring?

Good luck in your search…


lol, I got one. You still looking?

Yes I’m still looking! I got 2 of them and I need 1 more plz.