Wtb: Nexus S from Google

If someone has Nexus S for sale please let me know as I’m looking to buy it.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Just a heads up, the Nexus S is a good phone only if you’re looking at it from a developer’s standpoint. The Mytouch 4G(my weapon of choice) absolutely kills it in just about every area. The G2 is also a very solid device with plenty of developer support for custom firmwares. The Nexus S is basically a rebranded Galaxy S with a few tweaks, 16gb of internal memory with NO micro sd available, which means you’ll never be able to add more, no trackball/trackpad, no HD recording(480P max) and no 4G support. The S isn’t a bad phone, just falls short in several areas by comparison.

:u: yes @ this…I was very disappointed on this…Lil trick if you have tmobile and have a galaxy s or something comparable to that. They can exchange you current phone to a new phone (comparable) to what you have. Catch is your current phone has to be exchange 3 times under warranty in 90 days. Use your imagination lol…I did and went form a vibrant to a G2 which i really wanted was the my touch 4G. Unfortuantely you can do this with the nexus s because the phone will only be exclusive to best buy PERIOD…like it was with the 1st one with GOOGLE.