WTB: NGC Wavebird Receiver

I’m looking for official Nintendo Wavebird Controller Receivers. Also looking for any Wavebird Accessories you all might have.

I need a lot of em so if anyone has any on hand let me know asap.


How many controllers without receivers did you buy and how much did you pay for each?

I got one wavebird with a Gamecube a couple of weeks ago. I bought 5 more in a bundle last week for 12 dollars shipped.

I have one. Pm me and offer a price.

Anybody else?

I’ll look around and see if i can find one. I think I remember seeing one at work.

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Updated first post.

just wondering. wut are u doing with them without the wavebird?

If you mean without the receivers? Absolutely nothing. I received the first 1 bundled with a GCN but it didn’t have the receiver. I got the looking for one but most people are trying to charge way to much for just that piece alone. In my search I came across a guy selling a bunch of Wavebirds with out receivers for cheap because he couldn’t test them to see if they were even functional. I took a chance on em, bought em, tested em out and they all work.

Now, I’ve got about 7 Wavebirds in my possession and only 1 receiver. I bought one receiver from hi5ive so when he ships that out, that’ll make 2 receivers in my possession. I honestly only want to keep maybe 4 Wavebirds.

The rest i’m most likely going to end up selling.




Please let me know when you get my shipping.

sure thing

Good Feedback for H5ive. Thanks