WTB: Ninja Gaiden Black

I have been wanting to play this for a long time, but didn’t have a Xbox. Now that I will be buying a X360, I would also like to buy this.

Condition: Mint Condition Preferred. Willing to pay $15-20 Shipped.



Bump, anybody?

Bump, second last.

Last Bump. C’mon guys, somebody has to have it, right!?

The game goes for $10 (before shipping) more on ebay than what you’re offering.

Thanks, but IMO, ebay is pure BS. I would prefer something along the 15 shipped range if possible.

I saw it on Gamestop, for 20 dollars, and I believe once for $15, I would try it there.

I checked my local gamestop, but they don’t have it. :annoy:


Thank me later, buy the used :wink:

Item Total: $19.97 (shipped)

Thanks for the link, but one thing, is it a safe site to buy from? One other thing, how do you think the condition would be? Hoping near mint…

They are one of the largest retailers for music games, etc in the United States, so yea :wink:.

Its a huge corporation, if the disc is in unsatisfactory, you can actually return it, because FYE is a real company. So buy it already :rolleyes:, you have a better chance at condition this way. you should be fine, I demand rep 8P


Great, now I can finally buy it. As promised, you’ll be repped once I get 500 posts. Otherwise, it’ll just be neutral.

So, Phill, what is the best way to purcahse from that site, the account way or just google checkout way?

Account way, you should be fine. There is a local FYE here in the malls, hence why I knew about them :), thats why I know its a large chain, aside from the corporate marketing.

Ah, thanks for the info.

EDIT: You have been “repped.”