WTB : Nintendo 3DS

trying to find a good deal for someone else. they want to spend around 140

if anything PM or leave me info on here… thanks

Why not spend the extra 30 and get it brand new?

thats what i told them but theyre being cheap -_- plus tax and stuff


Toys R’ Us on eBay has it for $140 with free shiping but you gotta pay tax in most states (~$11):


Walmart has it for MSRP but they’re throwing in a $40 gift card as well.

Damn, where were you last week? I had a like new 3DS going for $140 shipped, lol. Futs is right, right now Walmart is the best deal you’ll find on a new one, $169 + tax, but you get a $40 gift card which is pretty good if you shop there often enough. If you don’t you should be able to get an Amazon gift card with it.

thanks man, bought it from them on ebay. thank a bunch

kitsunisan… that sucks lol… =[ would have been cool but they just told me yesterday

Yeah, I was gonna link your FS thread but you already sold it.

You’re welcome!