WTB Nintendo 3DS

Looking to buy the standard sized 3ds in a reasonable condition. Please PM me if you have one for sale at a fair price.

I got a red, Asian one (Games aren’t region locked) with an 8GB mem card and Tekken 5.
I would just have to charge it and boot it up to make sure it still works, as I haven’t touched it since getting a Vita.
Where would shipping be?

Also, in case anyone says I don’t qualify to buy/sell, I had an account here since 2k4 - @Mixah and I had one that I forgot the password to @SirMixahLot

PM sent.

Still open to offers.

Title edited. Now also looking for a Vita.

If you’re searching for a Vita, Amazon sometimes sells them (They were yesterday afternoon) for $125. So keep your eye out for them on GoldBox:

Thanks for the tip.

Edited title, looking for a 3DS, 2DS or Vita.

Bump, still looking for these items.

I have an excellent condition Pink / White NTSC 3DS XL on Firmware 4.5 with the box and everything that came with it originally (SD card, manual, stylus, charger). I would let it go for $110 shipped to the Cont. USA. If you are outside of the USA, it would probably be a bit more. I can take some pictures if you are interested. I stopped using it after upgrading to a N3DSXL.

Thats a fair price. Im just not a fan of the color, so i’d have to say no.

No problem.

I too would have preferred a different color, but it was at the tail end of stock 4.5 firmware units, so I didn’t have much choice.

I would prefer just the regular models of the 3ds instead of the XL models as i want portability and the ability to carry it around in my pocket. Looking for the 2ds at a low price as well.

Nintendo sells refurbished 2DS systems on eBay for $60, a fine price if you want to play the great library of 3DS games.

Damn! Good call.

I can vouch for Nintendo refurbs. I picked up one of their refurb Wii U systems and aside from the box being labeled as a refurb, it looked brand new.

I got a Nintendo refurbished Wii Remote Plus and it got lost in the mail for a month. When it finally arrived the Wii Motion Plus registered backwards. They replaced it for free without asking me to send that on back though.

Pm sent


Still looking for a Vita? I have my Vita 1000 OLED model for $120 shipped.
I can provide pictures upon request, etc.
You can contact me back here on via my Twitter.