WTB Nintendo DS Games


Looking to build up my DS collection after selling all of mine and I’d rather play them with a legit copy than on a r4 but yea here’s what I’m looking for and I will only buy if it’s complete with box and manual.
The Worlds Ends with You
Professor Layton - Diabolic Box & Unwound Future
Phoenix Wright AA or Justice for All

Only looking for these at the moment
If I get more spending money will update this thread.


The world ends with you is on Amazon for $20 shipped, it says out of stock but thats hows I got it 3 Weeks or so ago, they send it.once they get it in… It took like 5 days for them to ship it


I checked and its like 28 plus tax since thry started doing that in California now

Just checked again and your right I will try this if I get no offers