WTB: Nintendo DS Lite or Game Boy Advance SP with as much Pokemon games!

Lately I have been craving on playing some Pokemon games:blush::rock: I haven’t played one since the Game Boy Color days. I never had enough money to own a Nintendo DS Lite or a Game Boy Advance SP…till now:nunchuck:
I am just tired of trying to find games that people say are similar to Pokemon on the PSP they just aren’t the same :shake:
Required Stuff
-Nintendo DS Lite or Game Boy Advance SP that works obviously
-As much Pokemon games Nintendo DS Lite/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance SP

Hit me up people let me know how much $ would it take to make it mine :tup:

there is alot of pokemon games on the ds as well and the regular a ds light play gameboy games as well just incase u didn’t know that :slight_smile:

Thanks man, I have noticed that there was some DS Pokemon games that came out not to long ago(But didn’t knew that it was capable of playing the GBA games). I will edit this for either a Nintendo DS lite or a GBASP :] good looking out bro!!

no problem the first ds and all ds lites are the dsi and dsixl are not so get a ds light and u can play all the pokemon games and the ds lites are very ez to mod all u need is a special memory card so some research for TTDS :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help my good friend now what price range am I looking here for either both systems either the Nintendo DS Lite or Game Boy Advance SP how much should I expect to spend on one used in good working conditions excluding the games?!?

i have seen them sell for like 70 here u can get them used or refurbished at eb for 90 they are 130 new for the ds light you could try ebay as well if u have a acc there


the sp is 40 used at eb and the regular advance is 25 used at eb

hope that helps n like i said u can always check eb if no 1 on here has anything

yea and dont get the regular advanced… what are u gonna do with no backlight

get the micro, that thing is awesome

Thanks to everyone for putting their own 2cents and I will keep an eye out if someone is willing to either sell it here if not I know EB Games will do. Yes I know about the first Game Boy Advance and it’s no backlight what where they thinking :rofl:

Hey xA i might hook u up with either Sp Advance Gameboy or DSlite and some special card with memory with all ds pokemons or original games too.

hook the boy up son :slight_smile:

xAFBx, I think I might have something of what you’re looking for. Check out my sales thread below.


What I’ve got up for sale is a legitimate version of Pokemon Fire Red and a Gameboy Advance flashcart. PM me about details since I’m not sure if I’ll get modded or not speaking about it outright. If you want to make any offers, hit me up. We can negotiate prices if you so wish. :tup:

:wow:Wow, thanks Meus send me a PM and lay the blueprint on me :woot: and will go from there :cool:
and ibeatu and the rest wow overwhelmed with your advices and thanks for lending a hand here you guys are far too kind:china:

There is no Game Boy Advance version with light.
That was why the Afterburner was made.
And other 3rd Party Light stuff.

The first Game Boy with backlight was Game Boy Light in 1998.

Lighting didn’t come back until Game Boy Advance SP (AGS-001) in 2003.
And even then, it was only frontlit.

It is the other Game Boy Advance SP (AGS-101) in 2005 that is backlit.