WTB: Non functioning JLF w/ mounting plate & square gate


I need a JLF to retrofit the parts on an Ascii Optical, so it doesn’t really matter if the JLF is working or not. Let me know your price on one if you have a spare JLF avaliable.


Okay I’ll resort to a working JLF, I just need one that someone is willing to spare for cheap to replace the parts with.


jlf base won’t fit optical. At least not with out some work on the base.
Flash 1 can fit on the optical base and jlf base. Optical can only fit in the base it came with. trust I have both and tried.


Kugaii is right.
The ASCII PCB will not fit JLF Base without modify.

The only things of Sanwa JLF on the ASCII is:
Bearing (Pivot)
That little hat thing the Spring sits on
Shaft Cover and Dust Disc
Restrictor Gate