WTB: Numbski's Balltops

See title. Numbski’s shop has been closed down for a while but I’m hoping I can find some used balls (no homo). I’m looking for his glass balls, something with either a purple hue (meteor?) or bright red, though I may be interested in any others that are available. If you have any that you’re willing to sell, post a pic and price. Thanks.

You know “balltop” would’ve worked SOO much better in the thread title. :rofl:

I have a meteor that I bought for a project that never took off. $20 shipped?

PM sent.

Bump. I found out Meteor isn’t quite the color I’m looking for (sorry Slartibartfast :sweat:) Still looking for more balls - in particular if anyone could get me one of these I’d be really grateful:



No flash (top right):

Custom painted a balltop myself using color shift paint (red/blue). You don’t really see the red too much because it’s a ball, but it is similar to what you’re looking for. PM me if you’re interested.

Sent you a PM.