WTB: Octagon Restrictor



Just wanted an octagon restrictor if anybody has one lying around, I’ll buy it. I can pay $4-5 shipped.




Lizardlick has them for the JLF.


Yes, but the shipping rate is very high. I don’t want to pay $7+ shipping just for the restrictor gate…


Nobody has any octagon restrictors lying around? Wow…


Just get one from ponyboy then. He sells them for $3.50 plus shipping.



It seems that ponyboy isn’t responding ATM.

Anyone else?




If mean just the yellow piece, and not the yellow piece plus the rest of the clear restrictor, sure. I’ll match the ponyboy price, and ship it with however much you want to pay for shipping. I think first class in a padded envelope is about $1.50, plus a $1 for the padding envelope. Priority gets there fast, and comes wiht a box, but priority shipping is $4.60. Both go up with insurance or tracking.

I’ve had two things I’ve sent this in a padded envelope either not make it to its destination, or end up torn with pieces missing, so if you want first class, kick up a buck for insurance. $1.50 for first class, $1 for envelope, and $1 for insure, you might as well go with priority, which I’ve had excellent results with, and anyone whos ordered a UPCB will tell you, it gets there fast. But, $3.50 for the piece and however much you want to spend on shipping and I’ll send it out.
paypal’s toodlesdc (@) gmail


Thanks for replying.

One question: will the yellow piece fit in a normal square gate restrictor? If that’s possible, then I’ll take it. Otherwise, I’d be needing the whole thing (yellow piece plus restrictor)




Yeah, if you have one there, you can see for yourself by popping the square restrictor out. Push down on the center piece and rotate it 90 degrees, and it’ll come right out. You should try it on yours just to make sure sure we’re talking about the same piece.


Sent you a pm, Toodles.