WTB: Octagonal Gate that will fit HRAP3


looking for an oct gate that will fit the sanwa JLF stick on the HRAP3


its scroll down till u see that picture.



yea i was wondering if someone has one they would sell me for cheap. LL charges 6 bucks for shipping :frowning:


if you just tell him youre making a really small order, he might be able to send it via first class for really cheap.


probably the same situation when buying it with anybody


chad refunded me the excess money on shipping on a small order (gate, spring and actuator) I made, great guy.


Chad from LL also did the same for me when I ordered a spring, and QDs. Just let him know and the excess refund will be given back to you in a day or 2.


The $6 is the normal fee because most people buy more than just a gate. However, any overage will be refunded to you which means that you won’t be paying $6 for shipping at all. Chad is a great guy and his service is the best around.


If you happen to have a Sanwa Square gate ill trade my octo. gate for it ( same one in the pic.)

longshot but worth a try :stuck_out_tongue: