WTB: Octagonal Restrictor for jlf


i would perfer some sorta small trade

i’ll post some random shit i got later…

if not just post a price.


You could get it for like 8 bucks total at Lizardlick, would save you some hassle, and time is money ;).


i gots no paypal monies and it costs me 5$ to put more $ on the card… and i need to add 20$ if i do add $


whatchya got?


I believe he can take normal credit card, post what stuff you want to sell, maybe someone or myself can pick something up :wink:


$10 shipped?


yeah i’m going to… cause i’m on vacation this week.


haha i got one too. down to see what you got for trade :3


Darn, too much interest, I’m probably going to get pushed out of this one. I was hoping to get two snap in 24mm buttons or something for a Octo + 5-pin pcb


i don’t have any buttons or anything lol

i got a few happ competition sticks (old good ones)
also got a sanwa white bat top


Would you be willing to trade an good old Happ Comp stick for a barely used octagonal restrictor? I used it for about 2 days in my HRAP2 before putting the square gate back in. The total time used is less than an hour (I played a few games of Vampire Savior with it on GGPO before deciding it had too long of a throw for me).

I will pay for shipping.


deal, pm’d address