Wtb: octagonal restrictor plate

i want the octagonal restrictor… let me know a price…just dont want to wait a month to get it.

I’m on the same boat here… The only other people who have it is across seas so you might as well wait till April.

I just got one from lizard lick but I’m not really liking it. How much did you want to spend?

I have one that’s brand new.

I am from Canada though so it might not make sense for me to sell it if you’re from the U.S (shipping cost)

PM me with what you’re willing to spend and I’ll see if it’s worth it.

I do have Kuroda DVD’s too so if either of your are interested in purchasing a DVD or two, I could include the gate for no shipping fee and would only charge $5.00 for the gate.

i already bought a dvd from you jennyus :slight_smile:

your the one selling it…let me know how much you guys want for them…

$10.00 shipped reasonable?

sounds good…let me know your email to send money


anyone else have an extra or a 8way restrictor plate they’re willing to part with?

(and just to clarify i was looking for the restrictor plate for a TE fightstcik. i believe lizardlick has it labeled as = “Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate”) is there any online store taking orders for this part? i’m not sure what other sites label it as…

my location: s.california (LA/OC area)

i am still taking orders. i have them in stock too.