WTB: Octo gate for Sanwa JLF

So I am forcing myself to adjust to a square gate, but I think I’d like an octo gate as well.

If you have one that will fit a Sanwa JLF, name your price.


gamingnow.net has them in stock… i received mine yesterday & <3 it…

check his thread out

Thanks, but they are sold out now.

IF you have an eBay account, search and contact 80085. He doesn’t have the octo gate for sale on his page, you have to contact him. I don’t know if he’ll sell it to you but tell him that smileyeyes03 told you about him, he knows me.

Hopefully he still has it, good luck ^^

Can anybody do this? Like, if I wanted to, would you mind?

Are you asking me if you could ask 80085 for the plate? You should let Ferris do it first, cause he is the one looking for it and I directed this at him :S

Modchiman.com has 'em and I received mine on Monday (ordered last week).

try ponyboy

ordered one last thursday, was here on monday

All set, thanks guys. Someone PM’ed me about one.

I’ve also got another if that doesn’t work out.