I got a hold of a couple of Madcatz TE RD1s and I cant stand to keep them stock

Looking for BLACK/GREY or maybe WHITE BEZELS

I have no problem with the white sides but if you have black ones I might be interested in those too.

If you got plexiglass or custom art I might be interested in that too.


I have 2 red bezels, 1 blue bezel, the Round One artwork, and the BlazBlue Continuum Shift artwork. (The artwork can be reapplied quite effectively with poster tape, which is basically what was used originally.)

$5 for the Round One artwork. $10 for any other item.


I appreciate the offer but no thats not at all what im looking for.

I have two RD1 sticks. I do NOT want them to be stock. So that means it already has a red bezel, white sides and RD1 artwork (which i have already removed).

Not really interested in the blue bezel and BB artwork but i’ll think on it.


I just figured I’d post all the TE stuff that I have on hand, since I wasn’t sure if what you have is 100% stock. Sorry. If you end up wanting the bezel or artwork at some point, though, you can send a message. Otherwise, good luck with the hunting.


I have the white bezel from the MvC2 TE stick and the artwork. Also have a brand new never used plexi for it. Let me know.



sent you a follow up message