WTB OG RED Meshball

Looking for a loose pattern “oldschool” red meshball PM me with a price if you have one for sale please. thanks!

still looking:shake:

If you have one you wouldnt mind selling hit me up!

Still looking! C’mon I know theres one out there somewhere for sale!

What are you offering?

money. send me an offer if you have one. I wont throw down $100 but a reasonable price I’ll pay pretty fast. Whatever is reasonable to the seller I’ll look at and the worst that could happen is I say no…

Just curious, by “OG Red Meshball”, do you mean the original Pink meshball? The first ones Sanwa ever made that only came in green and pink?

Damn I was hoping for booze =(

I’ll sell you one for 30

haha I’d send beer if thats good for you also but $30 for an oldschool pattern meshball I’ll take. hit me up with a PM and I’ll send ya a paypal.

did it happen? Good luck joe!

no not the Sanwa LB-35-MP. those are sweet but it would cost more than $50
I’m talking about the red mesball pattern they had in '09 before they went to the current pattern you see today. I found it tho. thanks coldsteel!