WTB: Old School Dreaded Fists Case


just bought a few american and jap cases so I’m ONLY looking for a case made by Dreaded Fist . should look like this. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/XxTempestxX/IMAG0016.jpg


those look like the 6 button mas sticks! Use to love them sticks during the mvc2 era.
hope you find that stick.


thanks it is for mvc2! hope dreaded fist comes back and make me one =P


I’m still looking for an old school Dreaded Fists joystick! peoples…take em off your shelf and sell them! lol


lol no one wants to give it up! what’s your xbox handle?


raden2002…I only play mvc2


PM sent. :china:




Pm sent


Pm answered