WTB: one green 24mm button, and/or three pink 24mm buttons


Hey guys, I’m short one 24mm button for something I’m putting together, and was hoping i might be able to find someone on here who might happen to have an extra button(s) laying around.

I’m looking for a single green 24mm button from anywhere, since it’s going to just be used as the Guide/Home button quality isn’t really a big issue (unless it sticks I guess :xeye:)

Or it you happen to have three 24mm pink buttons that would be cool too. I’d just like start/select/home to be matching colors.

Depending on the type of button I’m only looking to spend like, $1-$3 for the button(s)

If you have anything that might be able to work with me on please post or drop me a PM, or both. If you feel I’m being unreasonable please feel free to set me straight via PM. :smile:

Thanks everyone!