WTB or trade for a dreamcast arcade stick

i am looking for a OG dreamcast stick. i have a madcatz SE stick i am willing to part for it if anybody has one hit me up!

EDIT: here are some pics of what i would like to trade for

Hori Fighting stick 3

My first arcade stick…it has been used and everything works…i did not mod this or anything. its for ps3 (you can use this for your ps2 and ps1 games if you have the 60 gig ps3)

Madcatz SE fight stick

bout this when i was in round 2 for the gamestop tourney…it has been use and the stick has been replaced with backup stick that madcatz sent me. the buttons are starting to wear out…HP is going bad and LP as well (also alucard used this stick)

thats all i have for trade…i just want the dreamcast stick so i can play my custom marvel and other fighting games.

i have one which can sell to u…

Bump posted new pictures mods can you change the title to “WTT for a dreamcast arcade stick.”




i have an ascii optical stick for sale. lmk if your interested.