WTB or trade for - LED button set up, seimitsu buttons

I’d like to see if there is anyone selling an LED set up, by that i mean:

KNserts and LED controller, like toodle’s board, need it for 6 buttons but don’t need RGB functionality

Also need:
6 black semitsu buttons or 6 smoke KNs
the yellow restrictor plate from an LS-40-01
USB cable, male A to b male, at least 10 feet long
Xbox 360 VGA cable.

Stuff I have for trade:
Paewang PCB, brand new
Sanwa buttons used (white, black, pink)
JLW fat stick
Red or Blue IL Eurostick

bump because i also wtb or trade for a xbox 360 VGA cable

chuu you could have asked me if you wanted some smokes and KN’s + sparky’s
i have a set of 8 buttons of unused smoke KN’s from when they first released and enough arceye2’s for 3 more sticks

how much for ur paewang?

Paewang will be traded to Mr mortified