WTB or Trade for Red/white x360 Madcatz Street Fighter X Tekken Stick


I was trying to purchase the Red/White SFXT stick on amazon and I finally THOUGHT one was for sale, turns out when the new ones came out, the seller posted his new version on the old red/white one and in the mail comes the new cross art black stick, if anyone has the red/white SFXT stick for xbox 360, stock, in newish condition I’ll trade the new one plus cash on top. Let me know.

If not interested in trades I will pay cash, just email me some pics and answer a few questions I probably will have. Email me!

Email: thethai_sk8erguy@yahoo.com

Have other sticks too:
PS3 comic con edition SF4 Stick
PS3 MVC2 stick
Xbox TE S the black one with ryu on the front
Xbox TE S white with ken and ryu on the front
PS3 Wireless hori Tekken 6 stick

Let me know if interested, I really only want the red/white SFXT stick for xbox 360 though.
EDIT: ps3 stick actually preferred now! Someone with this stick get at me!



I have a red and white one for the 360 missing art on it cuz I was gonna mod it… Other than that its practically new


I’m looking for a unmolested stick, pretty much nothing done to it at all.

Thanks though.


Still looking for this stick, ps3 or Xbox now. Thanks


Would you be willing to sell a TE-S?


Possibly, message me with offers


Post edit! Ps3 version of this stick preferred now! Have lots to offer for trade! If not I have cash in hand. Really want this stick. Thanks again SRK, I’ll still take Xbox version of this stick as well. Don’t get me wrong lol.


I believe Fife, who posted about their red sfxt stick in the price check thread, is selling theirs. You should PM him.


Thank you for letting me know, I went ahead and messaged them, no response yet but I hope they do respond soon. They have the 360 one so I’m still in the hunt for the ps3 one just in case the deal doesn’t happen, as I said before ps3 preferred!