WTB or WTT for A few Seimitsu or Sanwa Push buttons

Here’s what I need. Prefer if one person has everything.

One 30mm Black OBSF-30 button OR Two Black 30mm PS-14-GNC (Clear Plunger)
Three Black 24mm Seimitsu PS-14-DNC (Clear Plunger)

That’s it. I have a set of Orange 30mm Sanwa Screw in, a few Green 30mm Snap ins and I think 3 24mm Sanwa Snap ins if you want to trade, but I also have cash. This is all I really need. Nothing more, nothing less. Let me know if you have these.

Does no one have these or is this too little of an order for it to be worth wild?

I think I have an extra black obsf30 i can bring to gaming etc if youre there wed night. No 24mm though sir.

What are the color of the 3 24mm Sanwa Snap ins?