WTB: Original Gameboys, Game boy pocket Super gameboy carts (broke ones welcome!)


Looking for a few gameboys (2 or 3) and a few super gameboys. Please have pics ready and be in good condition.

If you have good condition (but broke) gameboys, I will consider those too

edit: now lookin for a gameboy pocket.


I know I have one super gameboy in the apartment (since I never managed to take it out to the garage.) What are you looking to pay for one?


$5 and shipping for the sgb. first class or priority is fine, zip is 40444


I have a black gameboy and a normal colored gameboy. Comes with Super mario land. PM me for prices and such.


Sent you a pm =)


bump with update op


Are you still looking for original gameboys? I’ve got 2 in working condition, one of them is missing the battery cover and the screens on both are cutoff on the both sides by like a millimeter


I think im all good on dmg’s for now, I’ll be in contact with you if I need more though =)


For sure, I played tetris on each of them for 30 minutes. I’ll take a pic of the screen so you see the “clipping” for future reference.