WTB: original MC Cthulhu unassembled kit

well this was a post looking for a round 2 TE multi-console modded, but with markman’s 20% off + te keychain promo I couldn’t resist and I think I’ll just do it myself again.

I know Toodles found it more cost effective to stop doing the cheaper barebones unassembled cthulhu’s in favor of the fully assembled ones, and the ChImps (which weren’t MC, only PS3 last time I checked), so everyone seems to be out of those lately. I need the MC version though, and I don’t need all the extras that come on the pre-assembled version (usb jack, screw terminals etc), so I’d rather not pay the extra cash for that version if possible.

If anyone has the barebones unassembled MC cthulhu kid or knows a place that still sells them, please let me know. Even an assembled version of the barebones one would be fine if it doesn’t have that extra stuff, comes at the right price, and hasn’t been used.


nobody? Anyone that has some ‘new old stock’ of these or a bunch lying around I’d even be willing to buy a bunch of them from you- would love to stock up on anything else that’s still out there.

I highly doubt there’s anyone out there that still has the unassembled kit just laying around. You can still solder wires to the board either at end of the board with the numbered and lettered holes or to the underside of the screwterminals. I can understand not wanting to pay extra for the MC to have those extra stuff, but you might just have to settle with any used version MC so long as you can get it cheaper than the full price.

You could source a barebones uPCB board and just wire up the xbox piggyback?