WTB : Original T5 Faceplate (Metal Panel) or JLF S Mounting Plate

I need this without the mounting bracket broken off. Please, no custom ones. I need one that was directly taken from a T5. I have a couple LS-32-01’s I would trade, but I also have straight cash. Hit me up if you have one you wouldn’t mind parting with.

EDIT : I’ll take a JLF S mounting plate as well but, I prefer the panel instead.**


I have exactly what you need regarding the T5 plate. This plate is in fair condition. The mounting plate is still on there and I tried to file off the little slots to fit some sanwa in the last 6 buttons. They did go in but I had to pretty much use excessive force to get them in since they arent perfect circles. I took pics to try to show what condition its in.

Ill sell this plate for $15 shipped. for $20 plus shipping Ill send you the whole case, and for $45 Ill throw in a QD wired T5 PCB. hit me up.

I am interested and I have the tools to make those circles round, but it does not looks like the mounting bracket is still on it. The plate couldn’t lay flat on any surface if it is on and it looks like it does. Can you flip it over and take a picture of the other side?

oh sorry I neglected to show that angle. it does have a mounting bracket here’s a pic to show.

Yes! That’s exactly what I need. Just trying to think whether I should take the case or not as well. Send me your paypal info and I will figure it all out.

BTW, if you ever have to mod a T5 again, to remove those metal tabs you can use a tool called a NIBBLER or if you have a strong drill, you can use metal grinding bit of some sort. I use this:


how much for just the bottom plate with screws?

Our friend doesn’t seem to be responding to PM’s anymore so, I still need this… Anyone?

I have a T5 top panel with mounting bracket. It also has the original Tekken artwork, and the tabs have not been dremeled (maybe 1 or 2 of them have…) I’m fine with $15 shipped if your other arrangement doesn’t work out.