WTB: Original Xbox Controller S-Type

My brother is looking for an S-Type Xbox controller in order to be able to play four player games.

He’s only looking to spend $5-$8+shipping which I told him might be a little cheap, but I figured I’d ask you guys anyway, please name your own price on whatever you think is most fair.

Much love everyone.

Dang, if I had access to my storage right now id just hook him up with one. I used the last one I had out to raid the sticks from it to put on one of my 360 controllers. If he checks the local gamestops, he may be able to pick one up still. Ours still have em anyway.

yea also try the smaller family owned game stores they tend to have a bunch. it’ll probably be in the 15 dollar area. i have at least 6 type s but i absolutely wont get rid of it for 8 bux.

How much for one of yours? I’ll tell him the price, maybe he’ll stop being dumb and realize he can’t get it that cheap.