WTB: P360 joystick w/ Happ Convex *PC compatible*

Anyone have what I’m looking for on sale?

Must be fitted with a P360 joystick and Happ convex buttons and must work with PC without needing an adapter.

If you have one that’s a Happ competition joystick instead, let me know I still might be interested.

Just to be clear all of this must already be assembled and working.

happ competition would work better then p360…a official happ comp

In terms of ‘stiffness’ isn’t the p360 stiffer? That’s the only reason why I’d prefer that, but of course there’s the issue of quality…

unless it’s a modded p360 or wico

I have a Xbox 360 mas stick I would sell for 180.00 shipped. It has a happ competition and happ convex black buttons. Pm me if interested

lol… For $180.00 I could buy that from Mas myself brand new if not even for less.

Well considering Mas doesnt make xbox 360 sticks anymore good luck with that.

EDIT: fuck it, it’s not like it’s my money he’s spending. :rofl:

Competition + hard spring is pretty much just as stiff.

Happ p360’s are shit these days from my personal experience and unless if it isn’t a Wico p360, like the other’s said your better off with a competition stick and just putting a hardspring in to make it stiff.

I’m sorry to say but you are just a dumb ass, just stick to keyboard or else we are going to see a thread selling this stick 4 hours after you get it in the mail.

Pretty sure I swapped the spring, but I don’t remember what I swapped it for, I think a harder spring. I aught to be able to find the original spring to include with it in case you want to swap it back.