WTB: P360 mod

Looking into getting a P360 put into my finkle stick. He made it with a regular Happ competition but I’m thinking I’d like to see how it plays with a P360.

I don’t really know what the costs are but I’m open to suggestions if someone is up for the job. The only real condition is that I don’t want it to take more than a week or two at most.


This is the stick you’ll be modding. I don’t think it’s a difficult job, but I know nothing of installing P360’s.

I should be free soon, knock on wood nothing new happens, and I could do it, but you would have to wait a little, otherwise I think almost any builder can, though I am somewhat near you in Florida. :wink: As far as costs would you provide the p360 and what pad is it configured for?

The stick currently has a PS1 dual shock PCB in it as far as I know. I don’t have a P360 but I would be willing to include the price of one if you know where to get one. I’m assuming Happ’s website. But I’m not really sure.

I’ve heard some things about some P360’s being better than others, so if you know where I can get a “better” one, I’ll look into it. I don’t mind waiting for you to free up, just don’t wanna send it off and not see it again for 3 months.

Yea 3 months obviosly not, and dunno how much you read my thread, but I aim, email, talk to my customers every day, prob a bit to much, but anyhow, its np, I can do it.

For parts www.lizardlick.com

If you get a “defective one” I know for a fact LL will replace it and get you a good one, so I would order there, just mention its coming to me, and they can send it.

How is the wiring in your stick is it with QDs etc, I need to see how much work it will take, if you don’t mind taking pics, etc.

Talk to you soon.

On campus atm, will look more into this when I get back. Appreciate it.

ill do it for 10 dollars plus parts and shipping.

let me know. also ill be ordering from LL so i can cut the shipping on the p360 for you since itll be a joined order.

also shipping to me would be cheaper since we live in texas. and i can get it back to you fast.

Ooo. You bought the Corsair RAM from me. Maybe it’s be easier if you did it. Is there a lot of work required to wire up the 5v?

I second DJ doing it, cause I wouldn’t for that price :rofl:. And I heard good feedback for DJ, so I pass the torch, although you did come in to steal my customer :wonder:.


make sure it fits before you do anything as the p360 does have a sligthly larger base if i recall correctly than the competition.

The 360 is slightly larger than the competition, you are correct sir :wgrin:.

Hmm, well that defintely complicates things a bit. I though it was just a simple swap out/wiring of the 5v.

Nope, I have access to both sticks, so yea I can easily do it. If it was just swapping the 5v, I could just tell you how to do it :looney:. DJ is asking a pretty reasonable price, and I know for a fact he ordered P360 off Lizard, so he should know whats hes doing haha :wasted:

he’s also ordered a p360 from me, and he has a few sticks iwth them inside.

and i still have that wico 360 in my stick… :lovin:

and pc1x1 i dont mean to but in if you still wanna do it thats fine… i just like helping people out and saving a few bucks for a guy here and there on shipping. a

how’d you know i bought some p360s of LL… scary you hacker my paypal?:wonder:

oh and only reason id do it for 10 dollars is cuz he gave me a good price on the ram that i got from him… also i normally charge like $15 an hour for labor… but this will take me like 15 minutes to do cuz its just a parts swap.

and the p360 base should fit on the competittion base… sometimes its a tight squeeze but ive never had one where i had to modify the base…

Ah, well let me know when you’re planning on making your next order to LL. I’m a bit short on cash until this weekend or so.

oh shit, wtf. i designed the artwork on that stick too! lmfao

damn, i was off by like, an inch!

Haha, its np its all yours, I was doing this more of a favor than anything, I am limited to what I charge, and the post office would make the most anyways lol, so its good that your doing it.

I am a computer engineer, or studying to be one ;), but no haxoring paypal, though I do have Ninjas that gather information :), I have my ways of finding out everything that happens when it involves stick building.

I also check the Lizardlick thread hehehe and saw your posts there. Though I do my research heheh, so I have alot more info than one would imagine :wink:

yeah just get me on aim… ill wait for you so we can order it together.

also mixah yeah it was off a by like an inch… im fixing to reprint it soon since im gonna repaint my stick cuz i drilled in sanwa buttons instead of happs… much nicer to play on. but yeah im still reppin that art you made me. :lovin: