WTB P360 PS2 MAS Stick


hey all, my friend steve h is looking for a MAS stick with a P360 stick. please PM offers/pics. thanks!






what does that mean.


bump? someone has to have one laying around! :slight_smile:


I have a comp Happ stick. Non MAS if interested. For ps2. The SF anni one.


looking for a perfect 360 stick, but thanks nonetheless :slight_smile:


@Krost ArcadeShock.com sells MAS Sticks.


looks like they are all sold out of p360-equipped ones. i suppose he can just pick up a p360 from somewhere and replace the happ comp stick. good luck on ur search.


Hit up Veikuri. I was going to buy from him for 110 shipped. Dont know if he still has it.


i have a MAS P360 stick for the PS2. The case is beat up real bad, it was when i bought it off someone on here. The stick and buttons work like a charm though. LMK if your interested. I’ll try to get some pics later.