WTB: Packhacking services, various JLF accesories

I have a Microsoft brand wired 360 controller. It is some sort of bizarre early version that doesn’t appear to be common ground.

More similar to this

Than this

Anyway, I’d like this padhacked, and wired with a terminal block. I can provide terminal blocks, spools of various colored wire, fork ends and QDs of appropriate size. I’d like to spend in the range of $15-20 dollars, if possible. I will also pay return shipping. I am providing a lot of materials, so the only thing you should really need is solder and the appropriate tools. I have the funds sitting in my paypal account and ready to go. 6 button hack is OK, I know the triggers are annoying, but I will need the back, start and guide button wired up too.

I’d also like to pick up a few various JLF accessories that I was interested in trying out:
Octo-plate restrictor GT-Y
Bat top with adapter, preferably white or red.
Red and white 35mm balltops
Wiring harness
Mounting plate

Also, I do have feedback. Just one so far, but feedback none the less.