WTB: PAL PS2 Replacement Console--don't need controller or cables


I’m a US buyer interested in a PAL PS2 console. I would prefer a SCPH-9000x, but I’m open to any model as long as it works. I don’t need a controller, but I might need the AC adapter. Shipping to the US of course. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks.


Hi I don’t have one for sale but I will look out for one for you if one pops up on on gumtree (uk Craig’s list equivalent)

Slim or fat ?


For what game do you use a PAL console?


Thanks! I would prefer a slim (the final model that is half glossy, half matte) to save on shipping.

I decided to sell my NA copy of Yakuza 2 when I found a sealed PAL copy for just $13. I figured I could use the extra cash to just buy a PAL console. There are a few other horror games that are cheaper in Europe like Haunting Grounds or Obscure that I want to buy. Plus the PAL exclusives like Chaos Break and Hell Night too.


Ok cool, I go to car boot sale every other Sunday, if I find one this week I will let you know