WTB: pandora battery for psp


Don’t care if it is a chinese knockoff as long as it works (slim 2000 psp). If you want to be super kind too I could just mail it back to you when I’m done :smokin: I’d compensate you for your time of course.


You know you posted this in Tech Talk.


Why don’t you just make one yourself?


This. I did one of these in all of five minutes following a tutorial for my girl’s little brother. I just used a thumb tack to lift the pin on it.


yeah i saw make one yourself.

i made one with a butter knife and a youtube video, its not very hard


God dammit. I thought I was in Trading Outlet. Sleep deprivation does that I guess :sad:

I was considering making one myself, but it seems there’s a high failure rate (breaking the circuit heats up the battery, possibly causing it to catch on fire).

Could a friendly mod please move this thread to Trade?


wrong forum but … in any case dealextreme.com is your friend for this :wink:


thanks for the link :razz:


Just don’t expect your shipment anytime soon. :razzy:


Way ahead on that. They are backordered so I probably won’t see it before April is out. I want one nooooooow :annoy: