WTB: PCB for the SF4 Madcatz TE stick on the PS3


The main PCB died out a couple of weeks ago. I contacted Madkitz tech support and asked them if they had any spares; they said nope.

So I am biting the bullet and asking if anybody here is willing to trade or sell a replacement PCB for the damn thing.

And for the record, I do not know if the newer edition TE’s PCBs would fit in the first edition TE’s. Please inform me if they do or do not.


I’d use a Zero Delay or Cthulhu.


I’m only going to use an aftermarket PCB as a last resort.

Main reason why I want to replace the entireTE pcb is due to dat home button; honestly don’t feel like dremeling another hole into the case for one button. I also fucks around with the analog functionality in emulators, but I can do without that jazz.

Ima answer to any queries, even if it’s a couple years down the road.


how are you for soldering? i have a spare one, but the harness/usb cable have been desoldered.

edit- its the version with the PS logo and player indicator LED’s.


I have soldering tools that require the utmost precision. But the real question is if you still have the USB cable that connected to the PCB.


actually yes i do. hasn’t been cut too, just unsoldered

edit - my bad its been cut, not sure how that happened, sorry.


I have a full ps3 te pcb with turbo panel, punch down, all wires. how much are you paying? $30 shipped? I have the usb cable too, but it has been cut as well. shouldn’t be an issue to just resplice it. Let me know.

-not sure if me and hibachi have the same thing, but mine came from a blazblue te (ps3), I don’t want to step on his toes, so if they are the same, buy from him, if not (or it falls through) then I can sell you mine.



@sethian0 nah you’re good, if anything i was gonna give the pcb i have for chump change because it needs resolder work on the main harnesses to the distro board.

there’s two versions of the PS3 madcatz pcb , one has player LED’s (newer), and one hasn’t (older) and a generic home button. make sure you know which one you need.



I should have checked this thread before I ordered that Joytron multi-console PCB, last night.

Well, thanks anyway sethian, but I’m gonna have to decline your generous offer due to my impulse decisions.