WTB: Pelican Real Arcade Stick


Like the title says. I’m looking to pick one of these up, in good condition for about $50 shipped.

I’m mainly interested in the box itself, so if that’s in good condition but the rest is broken, that’s fine.

PM me if you have one to get rid of!


Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but in my browsing I found this on eBay:


Ends in a few days but it’s worth keeping an eye out for :slight_smile:


heh yeah, that’s exactly what I’m looking for, I asked here cuz I’ve missed the last 3 that were on eBay. I’m definitely gonna try for that one out(been watching it). Thanks


Just letting you know for a Happ mod it’s a great case but the button placement on it is a little off IMO.

The top row is not in line with the bottom row.



Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of Happ parts lying around, been too busy to build a box for it the last few months.

The button placements do look a little off, and might be kind wierd to play with, but I’d like the ergonomic placement rather than the standard line-up.


I’ve got a few of these things, and the button layout always felt pretty natural to me.


Best of luck! I’d snag it if I were… at all competent at modding sticks for myself :stuck_out_tongue:


There was one of these on buy it now for $50+shipping for the longest time. I was going to get it but I’d rather have a second SFAC. I believe these escaped the hype surrounding most other sticks.


Yeah, it was like $50+like $20 shipping. I was trying to get the one or two other ones at like $15+ $20 shipping, but I missed them due to stuff goin’ on.


pm sent.