WTB: Perler Bead SF Art/Lanyard


I’ve always wanted to find someone who has made or done these and wonder who on SRK are possible selling or taking commissions for Perler Bead Art. Specifically im looking for a 8bit Juri.


I’m into making perler bead items. There is probably a Juri sprite out there I can use. I guess with shipping, $18 would be a fair price. Let me know if you’re interested.


I can do ones like these right away. Let me know.


Is it possible to see one done by you? The Juri in those images is forsure what im looking for (of course i wanna get it in a specific color plate) But i wanna make sure of quality and as well if u add like lanyards to it or anything. Also in interested in a few of them as well as this: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/069/9/0/juri_hama_sprite_by_rinoaff10-d3bcdjd.jpg (but in again a different color xD i really want juri color 5)

this is also to others who are interested in taking the job


These are all ones done by me.




And this box from Super Mario Bros 3.


I can do the large one, but I would need another two pegboards or so and that one would probably be too big to put on a lanyard.