WTB: Pink/Black P-14-G Seimitsu button

I had a button on my stick go bad and I am hoping to get a replacement somewhere. It is a seimitsu pushbutton with a black housing and a pink plunger. I’ve checked the regular shops (lizardlick, ponyboy), but they only seem to have the solid color buttons. I can get one from Akihabarashop.jp, but I would rather not pay $20 shipping on a $2.50 button.

Any help?

Chad from Lizard Lick said there is a high demand for these buttons in a variety of colors so he will be stocking them now instead of taking custom orders. He said check back next week for them.

Lizardlick is great :slight_smile:

Cool, I emailed LizardLick before making this post, but I never got a response.

I remember seeing on in a very big box of buttons I have. Ill dig in there and see if its still there and get back to you.

I would wait on it, if you don’t reach Lizardlick, which is doubtful, Ill give em a call and let them know :slight_smile:

what do you mean when you say the button has gone bad? is the actual button broken, as in the case has cracked or something like the microswitch inside the button has stopped working?

if its the latter, you may be able to just swap in a new microswitch instead of replacing the whole button. probably could order a same size seimitsu button and then swap out the microswitch from that into your black/pink button.

To be honest I need to open my stick up and take a look at it. The switch basically “fell out” of the bottom of the button (I can hear it rattling around in there), so now the plunger just stays pressed at all times. I can only assume that some portion of the housing that supports the microswitch has broken and therefore caused the problem.

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