WTB: Pink KN's and Pink bubble top


so im looking for 6 pink seimitsu ps-14-kn’s and a pink bubble top. Looking for new to almost new condition. Shipping will be to 77042.
THought i would try the community first before i make another purchase from gamingnow.net lol


anyone? OH COME ON! lol


figured out im going with pink kns.


if you haven’t seen, cipher12.com we’re selling KNS for 3.75 =)


Pink aj :slight_smile:


Its gonna be for a Tokidoki stick. My wife is letting me mod another stick for personal use, but she gets to pick the artwork. Marriage if full of compromise. lol

jtwelve- havent been to that site since you first opened it. Ill have to check it out.


It’s not bad, $24 something after shipping to me for 8 pink buttons and the pink bubbletop, I’m going to be buying some soon too :slight_smile:


8 x 3.75 is already more than $24…he’s looking for Seimitsu 14KN’s, not Sanwas.


he wants 6 not 8


Shit, wow.

I totally dis-regarded his pink button wants and not mine xD

Nevermind that statement AJ, point is, shipping isn’t bad for the price.