WTB Pink XBOX 360 Wireless Controller

Edit: I bought one off Ebay, but if you are looking for a pink controller post here:

People offering to help/general advice for finding one:

Lovepig78 said his gamecrazy might have some. PM if interested (if he doesn’t mind)

Al the Great mentioned Toys R Us was clearancing the Pink controllers out a few months ago and suggests calling your locals stores to see if they still have any before they zero them out of the system altogether.

Luckyday said his gamestop might have some. PM for him to look into it (if he doesn’t mind)

i think my gamecrazy has some is stock

wouldnt mind having a brand new one would you?

Nope. I would not. :3

What up Stuart?

if you have some time try calling around toys r us if have em in ur area. they were clearancing specifically pink wireless official controllers for i think 25 bux. this was a few months ago but if you might get lucky. again this was a while ago but worth a try imo.

Thanks. I’ll look into that.

I clicked on this expecting a joke thread and was pleasantly surprised. My girl would probably love one of these. I’m picking up a copy of RE5 for her after work and this would be wonderfully absurd. Too bad our Toys R Us closed down a few months back. Please post back if you can find a good source of them.

I think my Gamestop had some new ones in last time I was there too. If nobody else comes through pm me and I’ll check it since I live right by one.

If you chould check that for me I’d highly appreciate it. I called 2 different Toys R Us’ in my area and no one has pink controllers. :frowning:

They have them on amazon but they are like 70 shipped. :\

I just bought on Ebay for 36shipped(woot) but if the mods don’t mind since other people were looking for pink controllers as well and members were offering to help I’d like to keep this thread open for atleast a few more days to help others.

Thanks to everyone for the tips and offers though.

I’d also appreciate it if anyone finds a decent price on these, I picked up one used at my local independent game store a year or so ago, but it’s seen better days, and I’d love to grab one or two more.

read first post friends.