WTB playstation to dc converter

Hey there. I would like to buy a playstation to DC converter. mine broke :frowning:

Playasia is your best bet, new and for around 20 bucks

:u: i agree, i bought my online today because it ships now in 24hrs ( last month it ship out in 1 week, stocking issues i guess)

ok i just checked out that website, couldn’t quite find it. do you know what i should type into search?
I appreciate the help.

edit: ok found it. Thanks for help guys.

Check this page out. That’s a Total Control Plus, the second best converter you can get for the dreamcast. I have two of them and they haven’t given me any problems ie; lag, not working, etc. The seller has 8 or 9 of them on sale.

just bought one off that play asia site but ill check this one out too as a back up… thanks.

ive got mine from there

there pretty good imho.