WTB: Plexi TE Round 1

Worth a shot I guess. The fightstick is a TE Round 1. Standard 8-button layout

Looking for:
1 **FULL **panel cover
1 **Bottom **panel cover

Let me know if you have any to sell! Thanks

Bottom panel= the red outer ring thingie?-h_h-

That’s the bezel

I have a full panel that I’m planning on getting rid off, it has the ps3 buttons etched on and it says Tru_Kaos on the top right region above the buttons

Check http://www.thegamesurgeons.com/Lightning%20Label%20Homepage2.html

have you bought from them before? if so, you know their shipping speed?

I have and last i checked it was 7-16 days. You should email him to be sure

I have a extra full panel and a two extra bezels, clear and red if you’re interested.

I can’t PM you for some reason, but you mind posting a pic of the full panel? Also, PM me a price if possible. Thanks