WTB Pokemon Fire Red


Pokemon Fire Red for the GBA. I looked in my dresser and it’s gone, there goes all the hours of grinding down the damn drain. PM me.

edit for damn typo
edit 2 for wow fire emblem is gone too :mad:


i mighttttt have these games let me check at my other house tomorrow.

i have a few sealed copies of sapphire if you’re looking for that too.


i’ll take the sapphire, let me know when you find fire red.


i think i have this somewhere attached to my gameboy color lol
will check when i get home.
i think it would have all the pokemon’s captured too :slight_smile:


He meant the remake for Game Boy Advanced, good times, 400+ hours in my Blue Version, but I can’t play those games much more.

With that said, Fir is a pokemon playing MACHINE!


oh lol
sorry then lol