WTB: Pop'n Music ASC

Hey all.

I was wondering if anyone here can make me or has a Pop’n Music ASC for PS2 to sell? I’ve been trying to get into the series but I haven’t had much time until now.

I’m looking for a quality made controller and am willing to pay between $100 to $150 USD (May go higher if you really don’t want to let it go) and if you have the games for PS2 and want to sell those as well, I’d be happy to buy them from you.

Not sure what kind of response I’ll get on here but I imagine some of you are into the rhythm game scene and would like to help out.


I made my own back in 2004.
Back when Wico still around.
It was cool.

You check out Desktop Arcade?

Or DJdao?

Back in the day, Ransai made PnM ASC too.
I do not think they around anymore.
They were the first big Builders.
I have one, good stuff.

DJdao ones are so hot.
I will get one myself.

And I SUPER! love the BEMANI games.
Any of them.

I personally have a Desktop Arcade Pop’n Music ASC, and it’s a nice controller, it’s not as flashy as the DJDao one, but the owners a good guy, and very easy to work with. My only concern was that he insisted to ship with DHL.

I can’t tell you anything about the DJDao Pop’n Music controllers. I do have a IIDX controller from them, and it’s top notch. A bit harder to get ahold of, and the shipping is quite a bit more (it comes from China instead of New Jersey).

And oh, Ransai. I really miss them :[

Ah, yeah. I visited DJ Dao’s site before I made this one. I was hoping to avoid a 200 dollar price tag but I guess that’s usually how much they go for?

I bought my DA controller about two years ago. I want to say I paid somewhere in the ball park of $175 for it. I can’t tell you much about Dao’s pop’n controllers, but if the build quality is anything like their IIDX controllers, you’re in for quite a well built controller.

Well, Pop’n Music buttons are EXPENSIVE. They’re about $20 a piece, if I remember correctly. So, the minimum most people charge is $250+. Good luck on your search, I recommend bemanistyle’s for sale section.

I checked out bemanistyle.com and I could probably find more success there but I can’t seem to register an account there, lol…

I’m wondering if someone’s tried both the DA and dj Dao controller. I’d like to know the difference in quality. Getting a dj Dao controller would cost me over 300 bucks since it’s 200 plus 100 for shipping while it’ll only cost me 225 from DA. If the quality isn’t that significant between the two, I would probably buy from DA.

I’ve read testimonies over the past while from people who have ordered from both DA and DJ Dao and it sounds like the wait they experienced with DA is a lot longer than with DJ Dao. I think the difference was significant - DA was a few months, while DJ Dao was a matter of a weeks before they have it in hand. This may have changed though, so it might be in your best interests to email DA and ask them what the turnaround time is like.

Personally, I think I’d rather go for the Dao’s - they’re beautiful and have a real professional look to them, whereas from some of the pics I’ve seen from DA don’t have the same appeal.

I have two Dao’s but I can’t let them go for 150

Sent you a PM, Brett.

Still looking for an ASC if someone is willing to sell one. I’ll probably stop looking by the end of this week and just settle for one at DA.