WTB Pre-Wired Xbox360 pads and PS3..Serious Cash (Soldering Experts/Engineers Needed)

I’m looking to obtain (2) pre-wired Xbox 360 pads and (2) pre-wired PS3 pads to work with my custom built arcade stand. I would prefer that all the wired pads have QD’s so I can attach them easily. Side note, sticks are Sanwa JLFI’m looking specifically for someone in Southern Cali (LA rea). I’m looking for this to be done immediately…willing to pay serious $$


You should check with Hozie about the PS3 controllers. i can do the 360 ones though. send me a pm.

That’s it. I’m heading to my GS tomorrow and picking up all their GS/Frogger controllers! Good grab, James123!

what?!? i dont follow lol

I wish I was doing ps3, I want to wire one for myself and test it put before I do it for myself. I won’t be able to deliver on that at this moment.