WTB: prewired Xbox 360 PCB


I wanna swap out my old Ps2 PCB for an xbox 360 one. Was hoping someone had one they could sell. I need .187" disconnects and if possible, label the buttons. I’m thinking about $35 shipped (or we can work something out) ? Or if no one has a spare PCB laying around, I have a madcatz retro stick I can ship out for someone to wire. If I provide the PCB, hoping someone is kind enough to accept the service for $10 (i’ll pay shipping both ways)




10$ for service is super low and nobody has ever sold 360 controllers hacked for 35 shipped. the cheapest one around right now is zombiecpt when he has controllers and next is gamingnow.net. when i used to hack controllers i sold them for 40$ and that was a really really really low charge for my services.(controller+parts were like 30…)


I’m also looking for a pre-soldered 360 pcb. I Just got done talking to Nareg, and he’s on hiatus for pre-soldered pcbs. I’d go through zombiecpt, but I have no use for a dual 360/ps3, so there’s no point to really shell out the extra money for it.


Did someone mention zombie cpt? Hey that’s me! Right so now that we got that cleared up, I can do wired cg MadCatz for $50 shipped.


see! your price was the same as mines. guess in the bay we dont hustle people for big $s.


Haha, it use to be cheaper but I got bored of doing it so I jack up the price so less people would want my crappy work. K, I’m done post whoring today. See everyone tomorrow!


Thanks everyone for letting me onto the thread. Haha sorry if it’s super low. I’m just getting familiar with the price rates. Just a question, is that $50 for the service alone or $50 to send me a hacked PCB.


$50 is total with me providing the pad.


What if we provide the pad and materials? I’m looking to start my own 360 pcb services once i get a hang of it. Not trying to scooch on your business but demand seems incredibly high for the amount of people doing it.


Zombie cpt, I’m also interested in a prehacked 360 pad. Will you also wire in the L/R triggers? How much picked up? I’m also in the east bay!!


$20 labor and you pay shipping both ways. I don’t care, I don’t really like hacking pads but since like no one else is doing it, figure I help out.

It cost me $5 to ship the them so $45 if you want to pickup. I hate hacking the triggers so I tell people it’s an extra $15 to discourage them from making me do it.


Zombie cpt, me too. I live in the east bay as well. With the bumpers and with disconnects?


$45 picked up locally without triggers. It comes with QD of your choice. $60 with triggers and I need to go to Frys to pick up the stupid transistors to make it work, pain in the buttocks.

Also, just PM me so we don’t thread jack anymore than we already did, lol!


Extra $15 that hard huh? No wonder most of the hacks I’ve seen use 6 buttons.


doing triggers is hard as fuck. and fairly useless for most games. i have attempted doing them 4 times. failed once the other times it took me so long i got pissed and rushed the rest…