Wtb: Ps Pcb

This didn’t get any replies in the trade outlet forum so I’m posting it here.

I have a Sanwa joystick and 8 30mm sanwa buttons and the 2 24mm start and select buttons.

I’m planning on making a box for my parts, but I need a pcb prewired and everything with the .110 disconnects labelled and with the sanwa harness (the strip connector thing). I don’t have the knowledge or equipment to buy a pcb and wire it all together myself, I just want to connect the disconnects to my buttons.

I’m going to have my sanwa mounted the long way, with the connector pin on the left side facing left (looking from above).

Please help me out and I will pay.

I think chippermonkey said he sells some for $20 shipped. That’s not including the wire harness. You can ask him.

If you can make do with a regular PS digital controller (not DualShock) then I could do this for you as well. But chipper is a cool guy, so I think you should go with him.


thanks paik, but if you wanted one from me, you’d be pretty limited in choices as well. I hunt garage sales, second hand shops and what not on my spare time and end up with some random PCBs.

Right now, I have a regular PSX PCB a third party wireless PCB and a namco PCB which doesn’t work with my converter. Any of those are 20 shipped, PM if you want one…

Hey chippermonky, we’ve dealt before. Hope you can forgive me for asking you to make the hori stick mount gate whatever thing. The psx pcb would be fine.

Are either of you guys able to do the wire harness for the sanwa though? That’s the main thing I need done. I’m unable to do any labor except put the disconnects in.

Are you saying that you don’t have a wire harness and you’d like to buy one from us and have it already wired to the PCB for you? If you already have one, I could make it easy for you to wire it up to the PCB I wire using quick disconnects so you don’t have to buy an extra one from me.


My bad paik, and thanks for the help.

To clarify yes that is exactly what I am saying. I need the wire harness thing. Of course I realize this would cost extra. I threw my old one away along with my pcb when it messed up, because I figured it was all one piece.

Ah, you shouldn’t have thrown it away. What a sad loss : ( Anyway, I do have some harnesses and since I need to get another order in with Per in the near future it wouldn’t kill me to sell it to you.

Again, ask Chipper because he’s a nice guy because he generally charges $5 less than I would and he probably needs the money : ) Just kidding Chipper!

But if it comes down to it, hit me up on AIM (preferred) or with a PM and we can work it out.


I think I will be needing a pre-wired PCB as well, my soldering skills leave a lot to be desired, is there are thread with people that sell pre wired PCB’s?

what’a wire harness just to clarify

I troll around SRK a lot and as far as I know, there haven’t been people who opened up a thread JUST to advertise that they wire PCBs. I think chipper has been the most outspoken about doing pre-wired PCB work. His PCB selection is random as he said. I have a good amount of Sony digital pads that I’m willing to wire up and sell, but I’m not selling any from my DualShock stash. I also have a bunch of random PCBs as well like a few Agetec, a couple of Hori (from random sticks like Namco, Hori Fighting Stick, etc). I don’t see why you would choose them over a Sony digital unless you want the Agetec PCB for a DC stick.

He’s talking about the Sanwa JLF-H (Seimitsu has the H5PIN which is equivalent). You can find both on Akihabara Shop’s products page:


Just scroll down to joystick extras. It is used on about half the Japanese sticks out there. All of the JLF line and all the Seimitsu sticks with the -01 extension use the 5-pin harness to wire up.


I will hit you up on AIM. I haven’t talked to chipper because he’s usually away on AIM. I don’t think I need a dualshock. I bought a stick from tau, and it wasn’t a dualshock pcb, but the short button went out. I have my box and buttons all ready, I just need a pcb so it can actually work :frowning: