WTB: PS/ps2 to DC Converter

The Total Control Plus on play asia does NOT work with my HRAP2 (oddly, it works with my HRAP1, though).

if anyone knows of any converters that work on DC with the HRAP2 or have one to sell, it’d be appreciated.

Hmm, this is very weird. The HRAP 2 works perfectly (zero lag) with my total control plus. Are you sure it’s the total control plus? Does the HRAP 2 work on your ps/ps2?

the hrap2 is BRAND NEW (got it one day ago). It works perfectly on my ps2. For some reason, it doesn’t work with my TCP, although my HRAP1 does, but I’m going to be selling that soon. If there’s anything i can do to my converter or stick to get it to work, i’m more than willing, since i use it often.

I second Burning B.Hayato’s statement. I have an HRAP2 with TCP and they work fine.

My HRAP2 works fine with both TCP’s I have. Sorry to ask such silly questions, but it’s really worth double-checking a few things…

The three-position switch is on the correct setting, right? If by “not work” you mean the button configuration is wonkers, this is the reason and the answer.

Have you tried the TCP with a plain ol’ DualShock control pad?

I think he said that his HRAP 1 works fine with the TCP, but messing around with the buttons on the side might work. Can’t you exchange the item?

i mean it doesn’t even recognize that there’s a controller plugged into it when my HRAP2 is plugged in.

When my game starts up, nothing works, the stick, the buttons. It just doesn’t recognize the stick.

I’ve also tried all 3 settings on the side. Doesn’t do anything, the stick still doesn’t respond.

My TCP works fine with my HRAP1.

And before submitting this post, i figured i’d test it out with a PS2 Dual Shock and it does NOT work. So this piece of garbage doesn’t work with my HRAP2 and my PS2 dual shocks.

Is there another converter out there that supports PS2 stuff and not just PSX?