WTB: PS to DC converter(s)


Need one or would prefer a pair of ps to dc adapters. Love the dc, but hate the controllers. Sold my adapters and dc many moons ago and need some for a recent dc purchase i made.

let me know what you have and how much shipped to 77043

i can pay by paypal

or have a few items if interested in any trades
-Agetec dc joystick shell
-never used crown cwj joystick
-used seimitsu ls32-01
-sanwa buttons
-sony sixaxis controller


I have an EMS one, if you want it, I can sell it to you. It would be like $15 + 3 bucks shipping, cuz I’m in Mexico, but i’ll send it insured/trackable. Anyways, let me know on a PM. I think I have another one, but I’m not sure. I’d have to check when i get home later tonight.

EDIT: Yes I do have another one, its a japanese adapter SS/PS to DC. I’ll post pics later.


Pm’ed you bout button mapping on converters. Cause I use 6 button layout joystick with r1 as my hp and r2 as my hk